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Service for Healthcare Professionals

The Food Intolerance Testing Group hair tests are also available to clinics and practitioners in the healthcare industry. If you feel that your clients need a little more help, then the hair analysis service we provide could be of benefit. Once problem areas are identified, assisting your clients can be even more rewarding.

Easy and Straightforward

The package is simple and easy to follow. You take the order, we do the rest!

If you are a nutritionist/dietist or clinic/health practitioner wanting to help your clients go that extra mile, we would like to be part of that support by conducting hair analysis on your behalf.

Discount as a Partner

As a Partner, you are entitled to a discount on specific products along with supporting documentation for marketing and selling our products.

Our comprehensive allergy test takes the guesswork out of your client’s food sensitivities, as over 700 food and non-food items will be examined. You could soon be offering a valuable service to your clients as our test reports will give you and your clients the key information they need to make positive changes to their lives and avoid food and non-food items that may be damaging their health.

How to become a Partner

Becoming a partner is easy and you can notice the benefits from your very first test. Working with us means that your clients will get accurate results and when combined with an after sales package, your business could reap bigger rewards too.

Scroll down to the registration form to submit your registration information and we’ll be in touch to discuss your options.


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We offer a partner program for your business.

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