Note: We do not send out physical testing kits for this product.
Immediately after purchase, you will receive simple instructions on how to easily submit your samples.

Classic Test


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  • Your samples tested on 1000+ item
  • Supported by a Qualified Nutritionist
  • Bonus E-book: Common Misconceptions About Food Allergies
  • Bonus E-book: Allergy Relief Source Book
  • Bonus E-book: Weekly Self Check Program
  • Bonus E-Book: 30 Days Plan – Eliminate Your Symptoms
  • Results are sent through e-mail
  • 7-10 Business Days Turnaround
  • Fast and accurate results
  • We do not send out test kits. All you need to do is send us two strands of your hair per person.

Quick Non-Invasive Food Sensitivity and Intolerance Test.
Fast and accurate results.

Do you want to discover the foods that are making you sick and tired?

With the improved 3.0 version of our tests, we take food sensitivity and intolerance testing to the next level.

You may have come across food sensitivity, allergy, and intolerance tests that require blood or urine samples. However, these are superseded by more advanced alternatives which are proven to be more accurate and effective at getting a positive potential allergen match.

The problem with urine and blood tests is that they can be affected by a number of factors. These can range from food consumed to periods of stress. They also do not analyze the effects at a cellular or genetic level in the way that hair testing can. Hair samples also do not deteriorate after being taken, unlike blood.

We work according to the threefold test protocol

Hair testing is widely used as a proven method in the medical and sports profession. It is fast, efficient and leads to more accurate results.


With This Food Sensitivity and Intolerance Test:

You can test yourself, your loved one or a friend / different family member (a single person) for food products, non-food products, minerals and vitamins, metals toxicity to improve your quality of life and health.

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