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Note: We do not send out testing kits

All you need to do is order a test, follow the required steps by filling in the registration form, send your hair samples as described in the instructions.
These instructions and the registration form can be found on the checkout page once you have placed your order or in your order confirmation email.

Why we don't send out testing kits

  1. You don't have to wait for the mail, we put the action in your hands
  2. We want to rule out the possibility that you don't receive your kit
  3. It help to keep our prices as low as possible for you as a customer

FAQ: Intolerances / Allergies and Sensitivies

What is a Food Intolerance?
Food intolerance occur when you eat something but it fails to be properly broken down in the intestines. The main reason for this failure may be due to a lack of digestive enzymes among other factors. Read more.
What is the difference between a food sensitivity, allergy or intolerance?

The main nuance between an intolerance and an allergy is that an allergy will manifest itself almost immediately after inhalation or consumption of a particular substance. Food intolerances, on the other hand, are more deceptive. Depending on the individual, symptoms may arrive anywhere between a couple of hours to a couple of days. While symptoms of food sensitivity vary. But the symptoms of intolerance are all digestive-related.

You can read about the nuances here Allergy and Immunology

Do food items need to be in your system for the lab to detect an intolerance?
Hair stores DNA type information that gives valuable information pertaining to the cellular changes that would occur within our bodies secondary to exposure to certain allergens. Therefore, if you have never eaten a particular item, it may still show up on your report. In addition, an over consumption of a particular item can also register as an intolerance.
Is treatment available for allergies?
Yes, depending on the severity and type of allergy. Many allergies can be greatly diminished through immunotherapy; a build-up of the body’s immune system response to the specific allergens.
I’m intolerant to a food that I’ve never eaten; why did it show up on my results?
While you may not think you’ve ever eaten a particular food, it is still possible that the protein found in that food was included into some processed good that you’ve previously consumed.
Because Myfoodallergy tests your reaction to individual food proteins, it is possible that your body is intolerant to the protein found in gluten while still testing negative for the protein found in barley, oat, wheat or spelt. Still, since these items contain gluten, it is recommended that you avoid them.
Why can't I receive a report of all of the items tested for?
Unfortunately, the lab can not send the entire list of items that we test for. You can refer back to the list of items tested on the website if you want to see the list of items tested against. If you do not see the item on your report, then you did not register an intolerance to that item.
What happens to my hair sample after the test?
We destroy your hair sample 48 hours after completing the test. This guarantees your privacy.

FAQ: Orders

I can't see my orders

Most likely you have purchased the test as a guest and later decide to log in. Due to the nature of fast and effortless guest checkouts, the order is separated from your account email. 

If you decide to login later and can’t find the order, send us an email and our technical staff will manually attach your account email to your order number.

Due to privacy and the nature of guest checkouts, this process cannot be automated. 

Is it possible to determine your intolerances by yourself?
No. Even with a thorough elimination diet it is possible to misdiagnose yourself with an incorrect food intolerance.
Can I understand the results by myself?
Yes, the results are meant to be as easy to understand and user-friendly as possible.
Is Myfoodallergytest covered by insurance?
Myfoodallergytest is not currently covered by insurance.
Is your Payment System / Website Secure?
At The Food Test Intolerance Group, your privacy and the security of your data is as important to us as it is to you. We have made significant investments to ensure that your account and personal information are secure and protected by multiple layers of encryption. We have a certificated SLL encryption and use Mollie / Paypal as a payment gateway.
My order is completed, but I didn't receive anything

We do not send out testing kits. That’s why the order is set to completed once the payment is dealt with. However some banks take a while to process the payment and the chance is high your order would state as being “processing”. We do follow up once your registration form has been filled in and your hair samples have been submitted.

I have not purchased from the internet before, how can I be certain you will complete and send out the tests?
We are a verified company with all major creditcard companies, we use them as they guarantee you against internet fraud. We include our address on the order receipt, email address and phone number so you can contact us if you have any concerns.
Why we maintain such competitive pricing.
We save in areas such as packaging, postage and stationary and deliver your results via email to help us focus the costs into the test itself. Therefor we do not send out expensive home testing kits.
Can you test against specific items not included on the standard test?

We have completed specific tests for many customers to help them narrow down their allergies. This has included a range of items, from specific foods, hair and also feathers from pets and leaves from house plants. We can test medication and household products, please mail us to discuss this before sending them through.

What do the “reaction degrees” on the results report mean?

In the report you will find four headings. The first section is the list of all the food intolerances, the second section is the list of all the non-food intolerances, the third section is the list of all the nutrition items and the fourth section is the list of all metals.

Some of the items will have a further explanation next to them to further detail the intolerances. Everything on the food intolerances and non-food intolerances here has an intolerance level of over 60% as you will see from the percentage levels on the right hand side.

The reason we report only above this threshold is because 85% is the point at which you would expect to start experiencing symptoms from an intolerance.

Everything on the list of nutrition has an level under 15%. The reason we report only under this threshold is because 15% is the point at wich you would expect to start experiencing symptoms from a deficiency.

With regards to your metals test results, these are a guide to what heavy metals you have shown a sensitivity to that metal and they are shown as a numerical value in a ‘LOW ‘, ‘MEDIUM’ or ‘HIGH’ level.

What I am not satisfied?
We aim to have the best and most accurate results. In the unlikelihood that you are not satisfied with the results we advice you to contact us directly and we’ll make sure to resolve your issues. When you are still not satisfied we guarantee a 100% money back.

FAQ: Preparing for the test

I am bald, can I still perform the test?
We can test hair from any part of the body.

How do I take a hair sample?
Brush your hair to uncover the root zone at the back of the head with a brush. Take the hair from the brush guaranteeing there is a root appended. Place the hair sample in a sealed, marked, plastic bag.
My hair is colored / dyed, can I still do this test?
Hair dye or other treatments have no effect on the results as the test is administered on the composition of your hair sample.
How much hair is required?
We only require 2 to 4 strands of your hair which can be any type of hair. We do prefer hair samples that have a root stem.

FAQ: Equipment / Testing laboratories

Where is the laboratory situated?
We conduct our tests at our facility based in the UK. Once the hair sample has been received at our testing facility you will receive your results within 7 to 10 working days, or 48 Hours if you have chosen that option.
Accreditation of the testing equipment
Our laboratories follow a high quality management system in accordance with EN ISO 13485: 2003 + AC: 2007 and are certified as a manufacturer of medical products. The MARS III is approved as a medical device class IIa in accordance with Directive 93/42/EEC


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