Operation Smile

Save lives every month

At Operation Smile we believe every child suffering from cleft lip or cleft palate
deserves exceptional surgical care.

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You directly help this charity by purchasing your tests here. You help these people to have a better chance of getting the required surgical care they deserve.

Myfoodallerytest.com donates 5% of each order to the Operation Smile charity.

At myfoodallerytest.com we strongly believe in the work that Operation Smile delivers. Therefore we donate 5% to the charity for each order placed on our website. 

Global Need

Operation Smile’s family of medical volunteers, donors and staff are committed to not only reaching patients but breaking down obstacles to surgery through education, training, medical diplomacy and advocacy.

We do that by working together with government agencies, local health systems, non-profit organizations and any like-minded partners to deliver care. All patients deserve comprehensive health care and a chance for greater well-being. 

Our goal is at least to
help one child a month.

Children we could help since the launch of this site (March 2018). Thank you so much!

These statistics are overwhelming.
But at Operation Smile, we believe no child is a statistic.

Each patient deserves exceptional surgical care regardless of where they’re born or how much money their family makes.

We recognize the sacrifices families make to overcome barriers to accessing safe surgery.

Text and information source: www.operationsmile.org


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